Features That Make Ducted Air Conditioners More Efficient and Quicker at Cooling Your Home

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If you're looking for ducted air conditioning, you might have a list of prerequisite qualities in mind. For example, it needs to be energy efficient, it should cool a room quickly, and it should distribute air evenly. To address issues such as these, systems are being reformed all the time with new features. Consider the following ways a modern design addresses these issues.

Energy Efficiency

While you may want a comfortably cool home, you probably don't want one that burns up unnecessary energy. To help with this, look out for features that allow you to control where the cooling goes. Multi-zone cooling lets you pick and choose which rooms to moderate. Thus, you could target a home office if you're working there all day, while turning down the cooling in vacant bedrooms, for instance.

Another feature that targets where the coolness goes is a motion sensor. These work similarly to a motion sensor light. The system recognises people moving about, and if no one seems to be there, it will reduce cooling. Thus, you'll only end up paying for effective air conditioning that makes a difference, rather than for cold air blowing into an empty room.

Quick Cooling

Another desirable feature of ducted air conditioning is that it cools your home as quickly as possible. If you arrive home on a sweltering day, you'll want relief pronto. One characteristic that helps you achieve this is multiple fan speeds. While a high fan can be noisier, it blasts more cold air into the room, cooling it faster. You can switch the system to a quieter lower speed once the area is comfortable.

Air Distribution

You can take advantage of the natural air movement to help you evenly cool a room so that it's not only comfortable in patches. Hot air automatically climbs and displaces cooler air which drops lower to the floor. If your system blows cold air upwards toward the ceiling, it will fall as the hot air moves higher. Thus, you'll achieve excellent air movement throughout.   

However, if you direct cold air downwards towards the floor, it can tend to collect there, and the airflow in the room will be less. Thus, look for models that allow you to angle the airflow direction. Some models specifically try to bring about a circular movement of air around a room by releasing the cold air across the ceiling to set a flow in motion.