3 Reasons to Install Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Your Office

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If you're upgrading your office's heating and cooling system, then you'll have come across ducted options. If you choose a reverse cycle system then you get cool or warm air coming out of discreet ducts that are typically set in the ceiling.

What are the benefits of using ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in the work environment?

1. Keep Everyone Happy

If your current air conditioning and heating systems are stand-alone units installed next to on or walls, then you get limited cooling and heating in your office. This isn't going to keep everyone happy all of the time.

For example, when the weather is hot, then people sitting close to units get a lot of air conditioning in their workspace. They may be lovely and cool. However, people sitting further away from the units may still be relatively hot and sweaty. They won't be happy or comfortable.

If you have ducts in the ceiling, then cooled or warmed air comes out from these central points. It then disperses around the space the duct serves much more evenly. This benefits the many and not just the few.

2. Keep Control

If your staff can control air conditioning and heating units, then your energy costs could be higher than you like. For example, if someone keeps ramping up the heating in winter and then forgets to turn the unit next to them off when they leave work, then you waste energy and money.

Individual control can also cause arguments in the office. One employee may want full-blast air conditioning; another might find that too cold. They may waste time altering unit settings and arguing about the temperature around them.

If you install a zonal ducted system, then you set controls at a central point. You can set temperatures for each room or area to create an averagely comfortable environment. You can also ensure that you don't waste energy by using heating and cooling out of office hours or in rooms that don't need them all the time.

3. Keep the Noise Down

Individual air conditioning and heating units can be noisy. If you have a few units blasting away at the same time, people may find it hard to concentrate or talk on the phone. A noisy environment doesn't foster good working practices.

Ducted systems are usually much quieter. You hardly hear them working.

To find out more about the benefits of installing ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in your office, reach out to an HVAC company.