Two Reasons Why Owners of Split Systems Should Call an HVAC Contractor If They Find Mice in Their Home

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If you have recently discovered a mice infestation in your home and you have split system air conditioning units, you should call an HVAC contractor and arrange for them to visit your property. Read on to find out why.

There could be dead mice inside the split system

One of the main reasons why you should get in touch with an HVAC contractor in this situation is that there could be dead mice inside your split system. If this is the case and you choose not to have an HVAC specialist inspect your system and remove these mice, two problems could occur.

Firstly, as the bodies of the dead mice decompose, the odour of their rotting corpses may emerge from your air conditioning unit every time you switch it on and then waft around your home. This could make your entire property smell nauseatingly bad.

Secondly, if the mice were alive inside the units for some time, it is possible that they may have chewed on some of the wires; if this damage isn't found and fixed, it could affect the functionality of the system.

This is why it is critical to get your split system inspected by an HVAC specialist; they can dismantle the units and then check for (and if necessary, remove) any dead mice that they find inside of it. Additionally, if any of the wires have sustained damage as a result of the presence of the mice, the HVAC contractor will be able to replace them and restore your system's functionality.

You may need to seal up any gaps in the split system units

Even if you are reasonably confident that there are no mice in your home's split system, you should still get an HVAC contractor to come to your home. The reason for this is as follows; as explained above, if a mouse does enter this system at any point in the future, they could chew through the components in the units and cause considerable damage.

As such, it's important to get any tiny gaps in the units sealed up by an HVAC contractor before this happens. They will be accustomed to performing this type of job and should have a range of materials that will enable them to fully close up any openings.

If you try to do this yourself using makeshift sealing materials (for example, if you stuff tissue paper into any gaps in the units), it is unlikely that these materials will be as effective at keeping mice out of the system as those used by an HVAC specialist.