How to secure your brand new AC from theft

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After investing in a new AC unit to keep your home cool, having it vandalised can be a true headache. The outdoor portion of your AC contains many important parts such as the condenser, blower fan, and coils.

It's not uncommon for homeowners to wake up to a rude shock where they find that their outdoor unit has missing components. Even worse, replacement and repair costs may be quite expensive and time consuming. Here are 4 tips on how to keep your new AC unit safe from theft and vandalism

Keep the unit anchored in place

Depending on the size of your outdoor AC, thieves may be able to simply detach and carry away the entire unit. Make it harder for such theft to occur by anchoring your unit to the ground or to another sturdy surface. Designing an enclosure is also a good idea because it complicates the process for thieves.

When designing an enclosure, consider having it professionally done. This will ensure that the air vents are not blocked and the AC remains functional in an optimal manner. The cost of an enclosure may be much less than the cost of replacing your unit, even if you have insurance.

Consider smart systems

You can also take advantage of technology to keep your home safe. If you're currently using a home security system, consider placing a camera and sensors near the outdoor AC unit.

If someone trespasses and attempts to interfere with the unit, an alarm will go off and notify you immediately. Alarms are often enough to scare away a thief before they can do much damage. You may also op to automatically notify law enforcement if you live in a particularly unsafe neighbourhood.

Have it insured

This goes without saying, but you should ensure that your unit is insured at all times. Some warranties may not cover your AC against theft or vandalism. Therefore, insurance is your only cushion against high repair or replacement costs on your new AC.

When choosing an insurance company, consider how much you will pay in premiums in relation to the running costs of the unit. Some AC maintenance and repair companies may also offer insurance plans against vandalism and theft.

Install security lights near the unit

Thieves like to operate where they can't be seen. If your outdoor unit is in a dark corner of your property, consider installing security lights near the AC. Add motion sensors to have the lights come on whenever there's sudden movement near the unit.

For more information about protecting your AC without interfering with its operation, contact a local company that offers air conditioning repairs