Options You Could Consider For Commercial Heating Solutions

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When moving into a business premises, one of the integral systems to consider would be a heating system. Your choice of a commercial heating solution will not only impact the overall operating expenses associated with your business, but it also plays a role in how eco-friendly your business is. This is why it is prudent to put some thought into what type of heating system would be best suited for your premises. Here are some of the options that HVAC contractors can provide for your business.

Convection heating systems

Convection heating systems are also referred to as forced air heating systems. They supply heat to your business premises by passing air over a heating element. Once the air becomes warm, it is directed to the buildings ducts using a fan. These ducts are located in the various rooms of the building that would require heating. Convection heating systems can be operated using natural gas, electricity or even steam. This makes them a convenient option for people who would like to use other energy solutions rather than electricity. It should be noted, though, that, although convection heating systems will heat a room quickly, the hot air has a propensity to rise up to the ceiling. Therefore, it not one of the most efficient commercial heating solutions that you could opt for.

Radiant heating systems

Radiant heating systems comprise a network of pipes that have been installed either in the flooring or the walls of the building. To warm the premises, water is heated in a centrally located  boiler. Once it reaches peak temperatures, the water is distributed through the pipe system and the rooms become warmer from heat transfer through radiation. If you are looking for a cost effective heating solution, you could consider radiant heating systems, as they do not suffer from any duct heat loss. In addition, you could choose to use oil as your heating agent rather than water.

Electric resistance heating systems

These types of heating systems are made up of electric coils that have been contained in metal tubes. These metal tubes are then mounted either below windows or right above the floor. As the name suggests, they operate on electricity. Once turned on, the coils start to heat up just as the elements in a toaster would get hot. As they become hotter, they inevitably heat the surrounding air through radiation. One of the main advantages of these types of heating systems is that they are an economical option to install. However, they can be quite expensive to run during the colder months when you need a constant supply of heating in your business premises.