Enhance Performance Of Portable Air Conditioners Using These Accessories

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The use of portable air conditioners in the residential setting is quite popular. This popularity can be attributed to the various benefits associated with the use of these portable units. Top on the list of these benefits is that portable conditioners are smaller than the standard-sized conditioning units, which allows for their installation in smaller residential spaces that often have an awkward orientation.

In order to improve the performance of portable air conditioning systems and to improve the convenience associated with their use, HVAC contractors recommend the use of these accessories alongside the conditioning unit.

Vent Kits

Adequate ventilation is a requirement for the smooth operation of portable air conditioners. However, as homeowners will come to learn, the installation of portable air conditioners may sometimes need to be done in indoor living areas that lack conventional-style windows that would otherwise provide sufficient ventilation.

For this reason, those looking to invest in a portable air conditioner are advised to invest in vent kits as well. Drop ceiling vent kits are suitable for use in residential rooms that lack windows. Installation of a drop-ceiling vent kit allows for upward venting of air towards the ceiling.

Vent kits are also suitable for use in rooms fitted with very large windows that are seldom left open. Additionally, vent kits allow the homeowner to hook up the portable unit on a sliding glass door should such a need arise.

Secure Window Locks

It is also a good idea to purchase secure window locks alongside the portable air conditioning unit. It is often impossible for a homeowner to use a residential window lock when venting kits have been installed and the window is left open. This compromises indoor safety and security to a large extent.

As such, HVAC contractors advise homeowners to invest in an additional security lock for the conditioning unit. Secure window locks help to hold vent kits in place, and they allow for the window to be locked and fastened even with the presence of the kit.

Weather Seals

Portable conditioning units are often partially exposed to the elements. The sides of the unit and its top part are often the most affected in this regard.

Partially exposed parts of the unit can easily allow for the seepage of atmospheric air into interior living spaces. This allows the entry of warm air into the house, thereby interfering with the efficient performance of the conditioner.

Installation of weather seals on partially exposed parts of a portable conditioner is the best way to avoid the problem discussed above.

For more information about improving your experience with portable air conditioners, contact a local air conditioning company.