Advantages of A Ducted Air Conditioning System

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If you are in a home that doesn't have central air, or you are building a new home, you have the choice of installing a ducted AC system or buying a split system AC unit. A ducted system is a permanent part of your home, whereas a split-system is a unit that can be removed. Here are some of the advantages that installing a ducted system gives you over any other type of cooling.

It Makes Little Noise -- A ducted AC system is a very quiet system that makes little noise as compared to a split system AC unit. Because the ducts are installed in your walls, floors or ceiling, you will only hear the whisper of the air flowing through your vents, but you won't hear the outdoor condenser. And unlike a split system AC, which has a mounted air cooler that makes noise, a ducted system is an interior cooling system, so you don't hear any motors when the air is running.

It's Invisible -- Split system AC units are mounted on your wall or ceiling, so there is no way for you to hide them, even though you can place them in recesses to minimize their visibility. With a ducted AC system, everything is built into your walls or ceiling, then drywalled so there is nothing for people to see. This not only means you have more available wall space, but that the design aesthetic of your home isn't compromised by an unsightly AC unit that juts out from the wall. Ducted AC vents are built high, so your eye isn't drawn to them, and they are flush against the wall, so you can paint them to match the colour of your wall.

It's Zoneable -- It used to be that only split system AC units had different 'zones,' which are areas of your home that are cooled. You could install multiple split system units in different zones of your home that each had different thermostat settings so you could cool one area more than another based on your preference. But ducted AC now offers zone options, and unlike a split system, you don't need to buy multiple units, because your system blows air through every room through one condenser. With a ducted AC zone option, your thermostat can separately control each zone of your home so that you can set different temperature settings or even turn off air to one zone if that area isn't used often.

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